Hello everyday heroes!

There is a hero is every one of us, be it making way for the elderly or saving a puppy. You become our hero every time you turn off the light or water, every time you take a ride with your friends rather than taking another vehicle.

This November 2nd, 3rd & 4th, we are jamming with some awesome people from all over the globe to cook up some mind blowing design-based solutions to save the world. We want all of you to come together to help us make a big difference.

Join the Jam!
Eventbrite - Global Sustainability Jam 2012 Bangalore

At Global Sustainability Jam, you’ll be jamming for 48 hours on a concrete idea. You’ll move through the whole development process in one weekend. And you won’t just be talking about design or sustainability; you will be working with others on developing ideas, designs and initiatives, which could become real.

Everyone is welcome – service designers, object designers, sustainability experts, professors, business people, teachers, hackers, makers, artists, students, kids, mums and grandpas – you will form teams and work together for 48 hours to create brand-new real-world ideas which can make that little difference and you will publish your results to the world.

The power is yours!


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