Event Details

Jam Schedule

Day 1 (2nd Nov, 6.30PM to 8.30PM) : Friday evening, after a brief meet & great session, teams are made and the secret theme is introduced. Teams identify a problem that they feel needs a sustainable solution. The solution can be anything from an app, a game, a product, a business idea, anything that is focused on sustainability.

Day 2 (3rd Nov, 9AM to 9PM): The teams detail out the problem, identify their target group & a persona, and do a quick research. Post lunch we’ll have a few talks & presentations from mentors who would also be guiding & helping the participants. By end of day 2 the teams are expected to have a paper prototype or something on the same level.

Day 3 (4th Nov, 9AM to 5PM): The last day is mostly to culminate all the ideas, the process, the findings and the solution into a presentable format to upload for other JAMs around the world to see and to also share with the fellow jammers on site. These projects would be judged by a panel of mentors and the best & most workable ideas would be awarded in some small manner.


ThoughtWorks Technologies
ACR Mansion G + 3floors,
147/F, 8th Main, 3rd Block,
Koramangala, Bangalore- 560034, India Map

T +91 80 4064 9570/71/72/73
F +91 80 2552 1263
E info-in@thoughtworks.com


Would you like to sponsor the Jam?
You can be an everyday hero by supporting us. Contact us at – host.susjam12@gmail.com


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